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At the Met, we want you to enjoy a night of great food, a game of pool or ping pong, and innovative cocktails made by our experienced mixologists. During the day, the Met has a more family-friendly vibe, but after dark, we host one of the most popular happy hours in town.

Our goal  is to provide both a family-friendly environment during the day, and a place you can go to unwind after a hard day at the office. We offer a wide range of your favorite dishes, whether you’re in the mood for our hummus and flatbread plate, or you want to enjoy a home cooked meal of meatloaf and all the trimmings. We offer our full menu starting at noon until midnight.


Nothing can beat cocktail hour after a long day at work. Our mixologists specialize in creating unique drinks using top shelf alcohol and the freshest ingredients for drinks that you won’t find anywhere else in town. Our experienced staff can also make your favorite drinks, help you choose a new wine to try, and our extensive list of beers and ales are sure to satisfy every beer lover. We have it all.

Pool and Ping Pong

Want to challenge a co-worker to a friendly game of ping pong on one of our full sized ping pong tables or maybe a fun game of pool on one of our four pool tables? At the Met, you can take advantage of our game room, where you’ll find the best tables in town, not to mention some popular classic and modern arcade games.

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At the Met, you’re a part of the family. Not only do our mixologists offer the best cocktails in town, but we also feature tropical drinks that are exclusive to the Met, which means you won’t find drinks like this anywhere else. We want you to feel right at home, whether you stop in for a relaxing lunch or visit us after work to enjoy fresh tasting cocktails. Stop in today to check out of menu, which also includes gluten-free and vegan friendly options.