Common Beginner Ping Pong Players Mistakes to Avoid

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If you’ve recently discovered ping pong and already you’re in love and eager to learn more, then our list of the most common mistakes beginners make will help you to progress faster, as a player that can easily dominate any match.

First, we’ll come some ping pong basics that many newbies aren’t aware of, such as the correct way to hold the paddle.

A Gentle, Confident Grip

If you’re holding the ping pong paddle too tightly, then the muscles in your wrist will also be too tight. This, in turn, can restrict movement and slow down your reflexes. As a result, you’ll find it much harder to change the angle of the paddle when you’re switching from one serve to another. Basically, you’ll have less control and feeling.

When you’re holding the paddle, use a looser grip, which will allow you to freely move your wrist in order to generate more spin.

Distance Yourself from the Ping Pong Table

If you’re standing too close to the table, you’ll quickly find yourself struggling to return shots that land deep. Try to stand at least a foot away from the table. At this distance if the ball lands deep, you’ll have more space to return it. If the ball is returned short, you’ll still be able to step in and get closer.

Follow Through

When using forehand strokes, does the paddle cross your body and finish at your left shoulder? If this happens, it’s an indication that your stroke is too long. This can make it difficult to recover and serve a tough shot. Try to finish a stroke in front of your body instead. This will allow you to be prepared to play the next shot faster and more easily.

Using Too Much Force

Try to avoid using too much force when you return a shot. If you hit the ball too hard and fail to use the proper technique you’ll make mistakes. Slow down and focus on using the correct techniques. If you want to return the ball using more force, only use around seventy percent of your power, as opposed to smashing the ball using one hundred percent of your power.

Final thoughts

Ping Pong is much more challenging than people think and you must realize that you are a beginner. Taking a plunge and investing in equipment and ping pong tables too soon can be costly as mention here at, so take it slow. There’s plenty to learn and it will definitely take plenty of practice in order to become a good player. However, every player has to start somewhere. So, if you want a fun, relaxing place to practice for your next ping pong match, stop on by the Met where you’ll also get great tips and advice from our staff who also happen to be avid ping pong players.

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