Top Pool Tips for Beginners

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If you’re new to pool then you may wonder just how long it’s going to take you to learn the ropes. But the truth is, your dedication and commitment to practicing is what’s going to determine how quickly you’ll master this game. However, if you want to progress faster, then you can’t ignore the basic rules. Below you’ll find some of the best pool tips that can make a huge impact on how quickly you progress and can even give you an edge over your opponent.

Basics for the Newbie

Before you even challenge a player to a game of pool, there are some basic rules and tips you should follow that can have a positive impact on your performance.

  • Did you know that having a strong pool stance is actually critical to how well you play? Because of this, it’s important to develop the right pool stance. When you play, you need to stand strong with your feet placed firmly on the ground and focus on your balance.
  • Before every shot, chalk your tip. If you don’t, then you’ll be more likely to miscue a shot.
  • Make sure you’re holding the pool stick correctly. There are different ways you can try holding the stick, but whichever method you choose, you must make sure that the stick is aligned with your body, which will make it easier to swing it.
  • For visualization, use ghost ball aiming. In order to make a great shot, imagine a ball is in front of the object ball that you want to strike. This technique will help you to visualize where you should hit the object ball.
  • Learn the right aiming techniques. Never exaggerate an aim. Take your time and visualize the cue ball so you can properly aim.
  • Practicing  breaking. Learning how to correctly break can help to set the tempo of a game. As a newbie, you should hit the center to break. Try to avoid breaking using crazy angles.
  • Confidence in pool is critical in order to make a difficult shot.
  • In order to improve your skills, try practicing every day. The more often you practice, the faster you’ll improve as a player.

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